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BigRoof Property Management Database is a property management software, created with the aim to give Property Managers an easy and efficient platform to manage properties anywhere and anytime at an affordable price. With BigRoof you also have the opportunity to manage countless properties without getting overwhelmed by renewal dates and maintenance appointments details. With the BigRoof property management App, you can manage any of the following properties effectively:

  • Commercial property
  • Residential property
  • Shared property/ HMO

On a daily basis, commercial property owners, managing agents, and realtors are faced with the complex task of managing all their properties without mixing things up or leaving one unattended to. But with the BigRoof property management App, you can manage all your properties at the comfort of your home. It provides you with a simplified way of managing your properties and keeping a detailed inventory of all leased agreements, logs of rent, and deposits, which are all accessible at any time. Another benefit of Bigroof property management App is that it is paperless and gives you the opportunity to keep all rent related information in one system, which is accessible to you anywhere and anytime.

With BigRoof you can also send out tenancy agreements with a few clicks, generate income and expense reports for accounting and tax. BigRoof Property Management App also allows you to assign properties and communicate with tenants, leaseholders and managing agents seamlessly from a single place. Also, with the BigRoof Property Management App, you can manage shared properties or HMOs efficiently to maximize your profits. You can create the share structure of your property, scheduled maintenance and keep 'up-to-date' logs of when rents are due. The App also send out notifications to property owners when rents are due, and automatically reminds/update tenants on the next due date.

Tenants are also not left out on the benefits of BigRoof Property Management App, as they can find multiple choices of apartments in one place and get a rental package of their choice without the hassle of looking at apartments. If you are looking for a shared apartment or HMO, you can rest assured that your housemates are thoroughly checked out. There is no limit to the packages or portfolio size you can manage with the BigRoof Property Management App. The app is intuitive and has a high level of automation which means basic issues get sorted out very easily. Free up your desk and time by entrusting your affairs to a capable team and watch your profit grow.

Get all the functionality and support needed for your property issues all free of charge.

Login to BigRoof

BigRoof Login Page
  • BigRoof App has an easy-to-use user interface for fast and convenient use. To login go to and enter login credentials in the space provided. Select "Owner" to log in as Landlord/Agent/Caretaker of the property, otherwise, select tenant.

BigRoof Menu

An overview of all your properties. Click on the calendar to add any actionable item
My Info & Configure 
Configure your package and manage further confirg like Email and SMS.
Add your new Viewing that your have scheduled.
Task & Events 
Add any outstanding task or events.
List of all perperties. Add / remove details.
List of all your tenants. Add / remove details.
Manage Rental 
Add rental details.
Manage Expenditure
Add / edit / manage re-ooccuring expenditres.
Send messages and view system generated emails.
A drill down on all the information available.

BigRoof DashBoard

Click on an EMPTY cell 
To get option to ADD Task / Noticeboad / Expenditure / Tenants
Click on any Events / Rental 
To EDIT Task / Noticeboad / Expenditure / Tenants