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BigRoof is a property management software developed by property managers with 10+ years of experience. We specialise in HMO (House with Multiple Occupancy) and this software was built from ground up to manage the turnover for HMO tenants as well as making sure you can manage Single Household and Corporate Lease.

How to log into BigRoof?

Login Window To login go to and select the type of login you need. If you are loggin in as a Landlord/Agent/Caretaker of the property, please select the Landlord option. Otherwise, select tenant.

BigRoof Menu

An overview of all your properties. Click on the calendar to add any actionable item
My Info & Configure 
Configure your package and manage further confirg like Email and SMS.
Add your new Viewing that your have scheduled.
Task & Events 
Add any outstanding task or events.
List of all perperties. Add / remove details.
List of all your tenants. Add / remove details.
Manage Rental 
Add rental details.
Manage Expenditure
Add / edit / manage re-ooccuring expenditres.
Send messages and view system generated emails.
A drill down on all the information available.

BigRoof DashBoard

Click on an EMPTY cell 
To get option to ADD Task / Noticeboad / Expenditure / Tenants
Click on any Events / Rental 
To EDIT Task / Noticeboad / Expenditure / Tenants